Rhode Island’s Urban Flower Farm.

The Flower District is a flourishing hub of regenerative urban agriculture nestled within our vibrant community. Our mission is firmly rooted in the principles of sustainable floristry and the circular economy.


The Flower District is a registered non-profit organization under 501(c)(3), dedicated to bolstering ecological health through the cultivation of native plants, the establishment of hedgerows, and the promotion of permanent plantings. Our commitment extends to our community, where we actively foster workforce development and provide valuable access to land resources. Additionally, we champion an eco-conscious mission by curbing landfill waste through our grassroots initiative, which involves recycling flowers utilized by the floral and events industry.

Health & Wellness

At the Farm
From volunteering in our fresh flower workshop to offering serene yoga sessions amidst our blooming fields, our aim is to serve as a place that brings forth tranquility and joy.

Health & Wellness

On the Road
Our routine fresh flower deliveries to under-served communities across the state consistently bring smiles and are often described as brightening the day for those who receive them.

Health & Wellness

For the Future
Our flower recycling initiative effectively extracts tons of compostable floral waste from local landfills, cultivating rich compost that nourishes gardens throughout our community.

We Provide a Space for Community Members

As of January of 2024 we have welcomed over 1500 volunteers through our doors in just six short years. Not to mention removed over 10 tons of compostable waste from our landfill. And with your support we’ll definitely give over 15,000 bouquets away.  That’s more than 150,000 stems.

Also this year, as we prepare to execute the final capping process on our brownfield site we are overjoyed to start the creation of our outdoor amphitheater, lay the foundations for our new, larger barn, and open the doors to our property for the betterment of our community.

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Our Gardens Offer Educational Opportunities for People of All Ages

Health & Wellness

Participating in gardening activities encourages physical exertion and outdoor engagement, which in turn enhances overall physical well-being.

Education & Skill Development

These places give you a chance to learn about gardening, eco-friendly methods, and environmental science in an easy-to-understand way.

View the Gallery of our Community Gardens